Whose Sports?

Women’s sports are dying an excruciating death. What should we expect, when any human can be reckoned as a woman? What do the words man and woman mean in such a mad world?

There are two human sexes and only two. A person might wear clothing that pertains to the opposite sex, abuse hormones, disfigure HIMself or HERself, but that person remains the sex to which HE or SHE was born.

So go ahead, social media platforms or whoever. Censure, condemn, call this “hate speech.” What party is the real hater? Is it the shrill, minuscule minority that have articulated and now are attempting to fully normalize what is not only clearly abnormal, but stark raving insane?

Where is the love for all the (real) young women and girls who want to compete with their peers in athletic events, only to have their hopes dashed again and again when boys or young men outperform them because male physiology and female physiology plainly differ? Sounds like those women and girls are victims of cruel, codified hatred.

Where is the love for the millions of employees who recognize insanity when they see it, but are fearful of employers who have caved to that shrill minority? Why don’t you “captains of industry” stand up for the truth for a change?

You might even find your workforce more productive since they don’t have to consume energy making sure they use pronouns according to the insanity you’ve endorsed, and worrying about being punished or fired for speaking freely or acting according to their consciences. How hateful you big bosses must be, making the workplace so oppressive for so many!

Where is the love and respect for women who don’t want to find some perverted and/or predatory man lying in wait when they go into that once safe place heretofore commonly called the ladies’ room? Let’s get back to where public restrooms are either for men only or for women only, and flush this insanity down the nearest toilet of any kind.

Where is the love for God and His word on the part of certain lily livered cowards (or greedy charlatans) who are wolves in sheep’s clothing occupying lead positions in the churches? To what extent will the great Day reveal that this cancer came into our society because YOU failed to be faithful? Judgment begins with the household of God.

O Lord God! Raise up many true ministers of your Word to fearlessly preach and teach the truth without compromise, whatever the consequences!

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