Looking Down

At human eye level, their differences seem quite evident. The purposeful stride and single eye contrast with the erratic amble and blank expression. Those of one group are articulate, often in the imperative mood. The others mumble incoherent, confused thoughts. Finery bedecks the well heeled and groomed fortunate sons. The unkempt have nots are swaddled in discarded garments, ripped and torn.

Glancing down from an high urban window, the up close and personal aspects of people begin to dissipate from our senses. Faces scrubbed or dirty, both demonstrative at lower levels, become commonly inscrutable disks of flesh. Authoritative and subjugated voices are rendered indistinct as they waft upward. They blend with the noise of vehicles, construction, destruction and their respective engines into a predictable urban hum.

Carefully coordinated apparel as well as glaring mismatches are turned to dull shades of gray and brown as increasing altitude removes color from our earthly spectacle. When we see them from low flying aircraft, the movements of our fellow creatures become as the business of insects. Whether they are aimlessly wandering or intently traveling in a linear fashion, it seems of little import.

An astronaut sees only the breathtaking beauty of the Earth. He knows that his loved ones and billions of others are crawling below, but he cannot discern their presence by sense. The lovely spheroid which he orbits would itself become a circle, then a speck, then a point, could he or we venture further into the heavens.

The Infinite Majesty humbles Himself to look upon the whole universe, though our little corner of it seems so vast to us. Yet, He is fully near to each of us. He holds our hearts and the whole world in the palm of His hand. He knows our inward judgments of our neighbors. He sees if those thoughts are compassionate or disdainful, actively charitable or complacently insensitive.

Having seen our world from something akin to His vantage point, we are instantly returned to the level of the dust from which we came.

Unpublished meditation written March 29, A.D. 1993. Minor revisions, August 29, A.D. 2020

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