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Looking Down

At human eye level, their differences seem quite evident. The purposeful stride and single eye contrast with the erratic amble and blank expression. Those of one group are articulate, often in the imperative mood. The others mumble incoherent, confused thoughts. Finery bedecks the well heeled and groomed fortunate sons. The unkempt have nots are swaddled in discarded garments, ripped and torn.

Glancing down from an high urban window, the up close and personal aspects of people begin to dissipate from our senses. Faces scrubbed or dirty, both demonstrative at lower levels, become commonly inscrutable disks of flesh. Authoritative and subjugated voices are rendered indistinct as they waft upward. They blend with the noise of vehicles, construction, destruction and their respective engines into a predictable urban hum.

Carefully coordinated apparel as well as glaring mismatches are turned to dull shades of gray and brown as increasing altitude removes color from our earthly spectacle. When we see them from low flying aircraft, the movements of our fellow creatures become as the business of insects. Whether they are aimlessly wandering or intently traveling in a linear fashion, it seems of little import.

An astronaut sees only the breathtaking beauty of the Earth. He knows that his loved ones and billions of others are crawling below, but he cannot discern their presence by sense. The lovely spheroid which he orbits would itself become a circle, then a speck, then a point, could he or we venture further into the heavens.

The Infinite Majesty humbles Himself to look upon the whole universe, though our little corner of it seems so vast to us. Yet, He is fully near to each of us. He holds our hearts and the whole world in the palm of His hand. He knows our inward judgments of our neighbors. He sees if those thoughts are compassionate or disdainful, actively charitable or complacently insensitive.

Having seen our world from something akin to His vantage point, we are instantly returned to the level of the dust from which we came.

Unpublished meditation written March 29, A.D. 1993. Minor revisions, August 29, A.D. 2020

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Why I Love America

The achievement of the American dream can be compared to the ascent of the beautiful common girl Hadassah to become Queen Esther of the mighty Persian Empire over two millennia ago. But attaining prosperity is not the essence of the similarity. Nor is the admirable bravery displayed by that young woman, even though our Clara Barton or our Harriet Tubman were of the same courageous spirit.

The most striking similarity lies in Heaven’s unmistakable, beneficent, and precise intervention in America’s affairs.

Esther’s people, already in diaspora, faced an implacable enemy named Haman. He was a favorite of the ethically malleable Persian court, bent on the destruction of the Jews. A wicked manipulator, Haman implemented a plan by which he hoped to commit genocide while exalting himself in the eyes of the Persian king. But the manipulator himself “got played.”

The Old Testament book bearing Esther’s name records the divine orchestration of all the circumstances and events, down to the smallest details, which foiled Haman’s plan. From the previous uncovering by Esther’s cousin and guardian Mordecai of two would be assassins of King Ahasuerus, to the petulance of Esther’s royal predecessor, to the answered prayers of Esther and her people, to the perfectly timed and poetic justice meted out to Haman, to the way a day intended to be one of merciless murder and pillage was turned into a festival observed to this day (Purim), we behold the heavenly Conductor’s invisible baton rendering for us an exquisite symphony of providential deliverance.

In their noble founding document, the signers of America’s Declaration of Independence, men for whom the book of Esther would have been a familiar resource of spiritual comfort, confessed their “…firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.” And the story of America is strewn with instances of unmistakable, beneficent, and precise intervention from on high.

The settlers of two of the earliest American colonies likely would have not survived without the help Heaven sent them in the persons of Tisquantum (Squanto) in Massachusetts and Pocahontas in Virginia. In A.D. 1746, a French armada sent to destroy the colonial American coast-land was itself destroyed by a freak storm so powerful that the windows in a church (where Americans were gathered to petition Heaven for deliverance) fell off.

One of the most amazing instances involves Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold and how his plot was exposed. General George Washington had this to say about that crucial discovery: “…the providential train of circumstances which led to it affords the most convincing proof that the Liberties of America are the object of divine Protection.”

So the annals of America and its heroes are like the Bible’s account of that Hebrew heroine of antiquity and her nation. America appears to be a favorite of Heaven’s righteous and merciful court. This great nation, recognizing divine supremacy, has been a servant of Heaven. It remains to this day a conduit through which superlative blessings come to the rest of the world, in whose eyes America remains a great beacon of hope.

If Heaven favors our country, how can my affections be contrary? I love America because by Heaven’s grace she has defeated many wicked “Hamans” and survived many efforts to destroy her. I am persuaded that America the beautiful will continue to do so.

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Another Dialog

Scrabble™ is a great game. One of the best Scrabble™ hosting sites provides a chat utility which players can use while they enjoy tiling (That’s Scrabblese for placing letters on the board).

When yours truly KG2 started a game with a player hereunder designated RLS – Real Live Skeptic – s/he started a conversation. Here it is…

RLS – have you read the Bible?

KG2 – Frequently, you?

RLS – yes
RLS – according to the Bible how old is the earth?

KG2 – approximately 6000 years

RLS – so what about dinosaurs?

KG2 – What about those extinct animals?

RLS – please just answer

KG2 – I’ll be happy to answer if you tell what about them you want me to address. ☺

RLS – just answer please
RLS – i asked you first

KG2 – They are extinct animals
KG2 – Like the dodo

RLS – millions of years old

KG2 – Please make your question more specific

RLS – millions and millions of years old
RLS – there goes your theory

KG2 – How do you know that? Were you there to observe then? How can soft tissue be found in dinosaur fossils?

RLS – the Earth is billions of years old
RLS – i have just proved the bible wrong

KG2 – Again…how do you know that? Science works by observation. No one was there to observe the origin of the cosmos.

RLS – the discussion is over
RLS – i win
RLS – next

KG2 – lol

RLS – so easy as well

KG2 You seem to have a strong desire to fight against what you consider fantasy. Do you also joust against the tooth fairy?

RLS – i just like proving llonies wrong
RLS – loonies

KG2 – What creationist works have you read?

RLS – all of them

KG2 – For example

RLS – yes

KG2 – So, no examples of creationist works you have read? What about open mindedness?

RLS – the bible is a collection of stories lifted from much older religions
RLS – youve been conned

KG2 – Bare assertions which I suspect you have been told and never investigated the veracity of.

RLS – way off

RLS – ive proved you wrong and youre getting upset

KG2 – If there really were a global flood, as the Bible describes, what would we expect to see

RLS – that is a normal reaction

KG2 – Lol, you have made assertions but not proven anything but your own arrogance.

RLS – the bible and your religion are utter nonsense
RLS – i think you already know that

KG2 – Wow, what powerful cogent argument, lol

RLS – nobody could really be that dumb
RLS – american?
RLS – tough question eh
RLS – lol
RLS – so what is your gods name?

KG2 – My ‘finger’ notes have a website, there’s an e-mail link there you can use to discuss further if you wish, as well as various writings of mine; several on this topic and related ones.

RLS – so what is your gods name?
RLS – not interested
RLS – so what is your gods name?
RLS – so what is your gods name?
RLS – you dont know?
RLS – ha ha ah
RLS – there are thousands of so called gods and you dont know the name of your one
RLS – ha ha a

KG2 – You should write me and we can really discuss.

RLS – comical
RLS – what is your gods name?

KG2 – Jumping to conclusions, making accusations, revealing your arrogance…wow

RLS – no answer?
RLS – as i thought
RLS – you haven’t got a clue

KG2 – I will pray for you
KG2 – That’s my answer. ☺

RLS – ill will pray to satan for you
RLS – lol
RLS – prick

KG2 – So that is your god’s name?
KG2 – Taken from the book of the true and living God, YHWH…El Shaddai…the Lord Jesus Christ.
KG2 – Wow, now that you’ve called me a prick I’m really moved to reconsider my entire world view and belief system.

RLS – you been soundly beaten, so please…f*** off

KG2 – Heavenly Father, please have mercy on the person behind the handle [redacted]. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Online Scrabble™ site system message – “Not sent: you are in [redacted]’s noplay list.

Fellow Christian reading this, should the Lord brings “RLS” to mind,  join me in praying that He would break through this soul’s deep darkness by the power of the Gospel…

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