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Is it the hobgoblin of little minds? No Mr. Emerson, it is a beauty of the upright intellect…a comely attribute of minds well ordered. As functionality with beauty is to an architectural masterpiece, so consistency is to worthy thinking.

So here’s an ugly hobgoblin for the mentally inconsistent. You who are thoughtful, prepare for unreasoning responses…for visceral and vicious vilification:

In living memory cohabitation (and other forms of fornication), unlawful (and always sorrowful) divorce, and homosexuality were all regarded as personal moral failures and agents of social corruption and decay to be shunned. It was nice knowin’ ya, Boy Scouts of America! Our society had a vigorous ethical standard which is now horribly emaciated and on life support at death’s door.

Where is the consistency in those who, based on that standard, decry the heterosexual misadventures of public figures, but regard homosexuality as perfectly fine? Why is the fornicator or adulterer denounced as unfit to serve, while the homosexual is glibly and unquestioningly accepted?

When and by what authority did our ethical standard change, and why must those who want to retain the original one knuckle under to the social engineers, and join them in their glorifying of perversions of the orderliness and comeliness of God’s spiritual blueprint for the structure of successful human civilization?

Ladies and gentlemen, er…persons and other persons…behold the impish little devil of the contemporary western mind!

You Who are the resurrection and the life, shine forth by the power of Your Gospel!, O Lord!

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