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No Machismo, No Hembrismo

On November 15 A.D. 2019 The New Yorker published an article by Susan B. Glasser entitled:

“In Trump’s Jaded Capital, Marie Yovanovitch’s Uncynical Outrage”

Yovanovitch is a former U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine, and the article dealt with her testimony in the current presidential impeachment inquiry. The title of the article and the gender of the former ambassador led me to coin a term:

Non-tyrannical patriarchy.

Sure, the ouster of Yovanovitch by President Trump was abrupt and no doubt shocking to her. But it’s a rough world out there. Once it was common to say, “It’s a man’s world,” because it was commonly recognized that men and women are not only anatomically different, but psychologically and emotionally different – which is not equivalent to inferior.

We non-tyrannical patriarchialists affirm those distinctions and believe that society is better off when it does likewise: men normatively in positions of leadership such as an ambassadorship. Yes, ordinarily men should be heads of state, town fathers, heads of households. God’s word the holy Bible insists that all ordained leaders in the Church of Christ be male.

At the same time, we non-tyrannical patriarchialists deny that men have the right to regard their wives as mere chattel slaves or to oppress women. Remember that good old word chivalry? Let it be equally normative that men cherish, protect, and provide for the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of the world.

Vive la difference. Let society’s vocations generally reflect the toughness of masculinity and the tenderness of femininity. Long live “the binary.” Let men and women, both bearers of the image of God, celebrate and enjoy the respective roles God has given to each of the two (and only two) sexes.

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Half Baked

POTSTIRRER – Do you believe in evolution?

WINGNUT – Of course! Don’t tell me you deny it!?

POTSTIRRER – I do, and am sad that you and many others cling to that foolish myth.

WINGNUT, laughing heartily – This is incredible! I bet you believe in a flat earth, and refuse to accept that gender is merely a social construct!

POTSTIRRER – The earth is roughly spheroid…kinda pear shaped. But let me ask you this. You maintain that over millions of years as our ancestors procreated sexually, mutations and natural selection made the human race what it is today, right?

WINGNUT – It’s science, man! Shake off your religious superstition and face it!

POTSTIRRER – I’ll take that as a yes. Here’s my follow up question. At what point during those millions of years, when evolution was going on courtesty of that natural, inescapable reality called gender, did said natural, inescapable reality magically become merely a social construct, and how did that happen?

WINGNUT – Stares at POTSTIRRER with that deer in the headlights look.

POTSTIRRER, continuing his deconstruction work – In reality, the absurd idea that gender is merely a social construct was constructed within the last decade (at most). So which is it? Is evolution true, or is gender real? You can’t have it both ways.

WINGNUT, blubbering and hissing – Look at this cake on my pretty rainbow colored platter.

POTSTIRRER, eyes widening – What cake? I only see the platter decorated with the sign of the covenant God established with all flesh after the great Flood.

WINGNUT – I ate the cake!

POTSTIRRER – Oh, I get it. You can have your cake and eat it, too?

Wild-eyed WINGNUT – Exactly! Now bug off, you hateful racist bigot!

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