Trying Again

To be PROGRESSive means you want to make PROGRESS. You want to see our society go from Point A to Point B.

As one who would identify politically as a conservative in the constitutionally originalist sense, once more I ask my progressive friends to provide a tangible identification of that to which they want to progress. Exactly where is your Point B, so to speak?

Expressing aspirations like having a drastically reduced “carbon footprint,” or universal health care, or lasting world peace, or freedom and prosperity for all is not answering that question. Telling us HOW you are going to attain such things is! How are you going to get to your Point B?

Analogy: Perhaps in A.D. 1969 some child in a third world country gazed up at the moon and wished he or she could go there and explore. Meanwhile, what happened that same year in this Republic? Built on the ideology of our declaration of independence, our Constitutional Republic (we are NOT a pure democracy, i.e. a land of mob rule) became the first and so far only country to plant human feet on the silvery orb that rules that night.

The vision for that amazing, feet planting feat was articulated by old line Democrat President JFK. It was carried to completion thanks first to the God of kind providence, then to the motivation, ingenuity, and industry which are gifts from the same God and which still thrived in those days in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Progressive friend, where is the figurative moon to which you want America to go? Who is your JFK-like visionary? What is going to motivate and spur us to want to go your figurative moon? What is your blueprint for the figurative rocket that will blast us off on our progressive journey?

I hope your answers to those questions do not involve socialism. Just look at history’s wrecks of once prosperous and free nations that have tried it. Can you say Venezuela?

I hope you’re not relying for your success on the oppressive micro-management and hyper regulation of a big central government controlling every facet of life, which makes a mockery of freedom. Can you say ultimate wet blanket? Can you count down to…oops, no ignition? Can you say de facto tyranny by a nanny state?

The Democrat party of today has become the poster boy (oops, poster person) for virulent progressivism. It has some youthful and inexperienced voices shrilly crying with great passion for all sorts of changes. Self controlled passion, purposefully channeled by the mind, is good but what is their party’s realistic, communicable plan?

Where are its wise and seasoned senior statesmen (oops, statespersons) with a well charted route for going to point B, which factors in human nature’s natural corruption as well as economic and current geo-political realities? And again exactly where is point B? After you point it out – very specifically – on the sociological map, persuade me to want to go there with you.

You can even hit me with a few epithets and hurl some ad hominem invective first. Go ahead, get them off your chest. But then answer the question calmly and cogently. I grow weary of hearing nothing but figurative crickets.

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