Adding to the Newspeak Vocabulary

“As personal communication, Newspeak is to be spoken in staccato rhythm, using short-syllable words that are easy to pronounce, which generates speech that is physically automatic and intellectually unconscious, thereby diminishing the possibility of critical thought occurring to the speaker.” — George Orwell

It’s too bad about the word ALIEN. Originally, it referred to terrestrial human beings. They were citizens of one nation sojourning in a nation of which they were not citizens; some in a lawful way, others unlawfully. With the advent of science fiction came an etymological metamorphosis.

Now, the word ALIEN conjures up images of E.T., little green men from the red planet, or entomological predators which use human chest cavities as hatcheries. Meanwhile, at least in America, people who are citizens of other countries are indiscriminately called “immigrants.”

Lawful immigration is good. But people lawlessly crashing our borders are not engaged in immigration. They are illegal aliens. In a nation of laws, they are criminals, comparable to the criminal who breaks and enters a private dwelling or place of business.

America is a country which has historically welcomed people from all over the world. Some entered as visa holders, others as lawful permanent residents (“green cards” were originally called alien registration cards), some became naturalized citizens. Yes the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the compassionate, welcoming spirit of America. Yes, we want people to come here lawfully to enjoy all our great country has to offer.

But to simply allow people to rush in unvetted, unknown? What a threat to national security! What a slap in the face to persons who have lawfully sojourned among us or diligently and painstakingly have pursued their prized goal: CITIZENSHIP in the one country where freedom and opportunity flourish as they do no where else on Earth!

What a cruel way for poor and oppressed people to get beguiled into criminal behavior. What a way to give human coyotes an exploitation field day, and to incentivize child abuse and human trafficking. What a way to unleash hardened criminals into new territory in which they can murder, rape, and steal.

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