Which Rising?

One rising is a myth masquerading as history. Unimaginable eons ago as the story goes, chaos magically caused life to rise up from inert matter. Instead of the magic wand of other fairy tales, this one uses more fantastically long stretches of time as it continues to spin its yarn.

It waves that wand over a lifeless ball of dust spinning in the big bang begotten cosmos and poof! Microbes rise into mice and men. Though unable to offer one shred of fossilized proof, it would have us accept its arcane interpretation of the fossil record as the true account of the existence of our species, which is no more than the one which has risen to the top of the food chain…for now.

The other rising is of one unique Man. That Man above all men rose from the state of death three days after His execution. Reliable historical records, including the eyewitness testimonies of many, are extant. The easiest means to disprove that He rose would have been to produce His corpse: Christianity quashed.

Though an empire shaking movement was based on the claim of His resurrection, a claim made fearlessly by men who proclaimed it at their personal peril, that corpse was never and has never been produced. Efforts to disprove the rising of Jesus Christ have more than once resulted in the convincing of the would be debunker that indeed He is risen!

Believing one rising over the other has more than mere academic consequences. Put your trust in Darwin’s theory and you have no rational, consistent basis for any kind of ethical system. For instance, perhaps oppression on the basis of ethnicity is the outworking of the law of the jungle…the survival of the fittest. Or why are murder and other forms of violence “wrong?” For billions of years various specimens of the result of inexorable, perpetual evolution have been killing others for their own advantage. How…why…do we try to stop it now?

Put your trust in Christ and you have a sure foundation, and not only for ethics. You have eternal hope for your personal future, and escape from the despair of believing you are merely a meaningless speck, the trivial spawn of chaos doomed to everlasting oblivion. You come to know that although you are desperately in need of redemption from the guilt and corruption of sin, you are a being made in God’s image for whom the divine Messiah lived, died, and rose again.

Which rising? evolution or Easter?


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