Geocentrism, the discarded theory that the Earth is the center of the universe, is commonly associated with second century astronomer Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemaeus), though he built upon the even earlier observations of Hipparchus of Nicaea et. al.

The Ptolemaic model was displaced by that of heliocentrism. It is commonly associated with the Renaissance astronomer Copernicus (Nikolaus Kopernikus, d. A.D. 1543), though Aristarchus of Samos had offered heliocentric postulations before the time of Christ’s earthly life.

That once reigning dogma which held that the sun is the astrophysical center of the cosmos is now dethroned. Today’s scientific establishment views the sun as an unremarkable star located in a minor stellar arm of the swirling Milky Way galaxy. And according to the website LiveScience, “the universe, in fact, has no center.”

So 21st century astronomers are as amazed and baffled as their predecessors, despite their highly sophisticated telescopes and instruments, as they gaze into the Heavens, seeking the score for the music of the spheres.

Should these experts glibly assume that their theories will not be displaced in the future? Should the rest of us believe what LiveScience’s statement would have us believe, any more than their contemporaries should have believed Ptolemy or Copernicus?

Consider that area of scientific pursuit which traffics not in parsecs and light years but in molecules and quarks. The search for something like the ancient Greeks’ proposed ATOMOS (the smallest, indivisible, and indestructible unit of matter) ever reveals greater complexity in the structure of matter as well as its relationship to energy.

Whether by the naked eye or with the help of the Hubble telescope or the Hadron particle collider, we are confronted with the majesty of the God Who reveals Himself both by His world and His word. Both are unfathomable treasure troves of knowledge for mankind – the crown of creation appointed to subdue the Earth and have dominion over it to the Creator’s glory.

We were justly evicted from its divinely planted garden spot millenia ago, but Earth is still man’s home. It was called into being by the word of God’s power before all the heavenly luminaries. It is the theater so to speak upon which the Creator became incarnate as the Man above all men and dwelt among us. Both divine creation and the work of the saving grace of Him Who since has ascended far above the Heavens hallow the Earth with a transcendent centrality.

Again, the ideas of Ptolemy and Copernicus have been surpassed. Who can say how future models, based on keener and more precise observation, might eviscerate the current tenets of astronomical science and other disciplines?

What scientific dogmas now deemed unshakeable will in turn go by the wayside as we continue to investigate the sub-atomic realm, the “…sun, moon, and stars in their courses above,” and everything in between?


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