Open Sesame

PROHIBITION: It was was a period in America in the early 20th century of the grace of the our Lord Jesus Christ when producing, marketing, and transporting alcoholic beverages was illegal. A clandestine cultural phenomenon called the “speakeasy” emerged. A speakeasy was a place into which, upon providing a password, you could enter to have a brew or a cocktail and keep company with other social drinkers without fear of being arrested.

PREDICTION: The neo-speakeasy is coming! It will be a place where you can converse without being politically correct. There, you won’t have to worry about being jailed because you failed to use the latest faux pronoun for some imaginary new “gender.”

Relaxing in these islands of liberty you will not be paralyzed by fear that you (ignorant, insensitive bigot that you are) inadvertently might commit the most recently minted micro-aggression, or unwittingly engage in cultural appropriation by wearing another ethnic group’s traditional style of shirt. In the neo-speakeasy, you will not be shamed by the mob because you are capable of forming your own opinions. You will be able exercise your freedom of association and fraternize with others who do the same.

The frequenter of these congenial joints will deliberately leave his cell phone, tablet, or laptop home. Video conferencing, snapchatting, and texting will have gone by the wayside and the proprietor will NOT provide WiFi. Maybe he will have one landline available for emergencies.

So…what’s the physical mouth to physical ear (i.e. vocal) password, friend?

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