Incalculable Investment Returns

When you consider your gift to be too small, when you feel your service is nothing at all, remember the widow and her two little coins. Jesus said that she put more into the temple treasury than all the ostentatious givers of “megabucks” (Mark 12:43,44; Luke 21:3,4). Was Christ arithmetically challenged? Did He not realize that so much more could be done for good with two thousand or even two hundred dollars than with two pennies?

No, He is the One Who said there will be a reward for the person who simply gives a cup of cold water (Matthew 10:42, Mark 9:41). The God Who can multiply loaves and fish looks on the heart. The widow’s pure motive and self denying love rendered the value of her pittance vastly greater than that of large sums given only for wretched self display.

And as it is with our money, so with all our abilities, talents, and intangible resources. How astonished must that little boy have been! After he gave up five loaves and two fish which Jesus miraculously used to feed five thousand, twelve baskets of leftovers remained! (See John 6:9-13)

Like that of the widow and her pennies, the divine testimony to that lad and his lunch has been proclaimed for two thousand years, giving exemplary wisdom for millions to imitate. Who can quantify what those two humble, ordinary people accomplished by their simple deeds of kindness? Who can measure the value of what you will do in wise imitation of them? What can almighty power accomplish with your small gift and your seemingly insignificant service?


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