Conspiracy Theories?

To trust the veracity of the Bible is to acknowledge the existence of a being possessed of a fierce, unreasonable, and entrenched malevolence toward God and all God’s works. The wretched work of this created, non-human but personal entity could be characterized as a conspiracy that has lasted for thousands of years.

Legions of spirit creatures known as demons, his minions, share in his dark project. And because all humanity is by nature rebelliously sinful and at enmity with our common Creator (fallen), many men and women have been his willing accomplices.

Millions of other human beings have had and now have a less direct but equally culpable share in the plot. While busy with their own evil deeds, they have been unwitting pawns of this implacable enemy of all that is Godly, right, and good.

Following are several inferences drawn from these Scriptural truths.

1. None of us are “innocent bystanders.” If one is not with Christ the only and rightful King that one is against Him.

2. Some who scoff at the existence of the evil one (who likely have stopped reading already) are ipso facto among those millions of hapless pawns.

3. Those who by vain philosophy or misuse of that wonderful tool called science seek to persuade people that the deceiver does not exist are accessory cloaks to his nefarious activities. The conspiring, evil genius character in the movie The Usual Suspects paraphrased Charles Baudelaire’s observation to the effect that the “…loveliest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”

4. Those with faith in the omniscience, omnipotence, and goodness of this chief conspirator’s Enemy can rejoice in the assurance that ultimately he will fail. He will crash and burn, quite literally.

5. Human history is replete with both absurd conspiracy theories and actual conspiracies. Both have been and can be exposed. Both contribute to the overall strategy of the cunning mastermind to create misery, confusion, and chaos for human beings – who are made in the image of God and are hence the objects of his malice.

Both those holding to Biblical truth about unseen reality and those denying it or offering an alternate often have something in common. That is, they use careful, methodical investigation to distinguish real conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Hence (let’s keep that fine old logical operator of a word alive, people!),

6. The latter group already is at a woeful disadvantage in that pursuit. They usually err by regarding human nature as basically good as opposed to corrupt and fallen. They mock the existence of the hideous adversary. Therefore they are less willing to admit that sub-conspiracies exist. When they do discover actual conspiracies bent on wanton murder, mayhem, and destruction, they are dumbfounded by what they consider anomalous inhumanity, or scratch their heads in bewilderment asking Why? Why does a man make careful plans to hole up in a hotel room in order to shoot and kill dozens of people attending a concert?

7. Those holding fast to the Bible’s clear teaching have several advantages. Their eschatological confidence already has been mentioned. They have the accurate historical reference point for the origin of all conspiracies; they recognize the one Christ called the father of lies. They are not ignorant of his devices and they understand his objectives. In short, they know their enemy.

Yes, paranoia and other factors beget ridiculous conspiracy theories. Yes, there are persecution complexes and people persuaded that wearing tin foil hats can protect them from sinister mind readers. There is also satan, deliberately not capitalized. He has an agenda, servants he enslaves, and human tools he delights to break after he uses them.

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