Thoughts on Bigotry

The despicable evil called racism exists, but in our time race baiters and racism accusers are fomenting more of it, resulting in bitter division among Americans.

Regrettably we are stuck with the TERM “racism” as commonly used, but the term itself is divisive. Yes there are ethnic groups, but there is only one human race, and each member thereof is possessed of the same dignity and intrinsic value.

The significance of Mankind’s origin cannot be overstated. One cannot hold to Darwinism (evolution) and consistently “…hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are CREATED equal that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights…” If evolution has been changing the species homo sapiens very slowly for ages, what is the reasonable basis for opposing ethnic supremacists who root their ideology in evolutionary ideas?

In other words, evolutionists cannot cogently deny that one sub-species of homo sapiens (i.e. an ethnic group) might prove fitter to survive in the future than other sub-species. Maybe X supremacy will prevail. Natural selection marches on mercilessly, bringing on the extinction of the less fit, right?

That profoundly Biblical statement from the American Declaration of Independence about human equality and our God given rights reflects a radically different world view. It is the world view which is the matrix of both the U.S. Constitution and the abolition of American slavery about four score and seven years after its ratification. The consistency seeking, naturalistic evolutionist might be able to squeak out some alternate a-Theistic or agnostic drivel such as:

“We don’t declare much about this quaint idea of truth. But we hold that the differences endowed by random mutation on the various subspecies of homo sapiens are negligible thus far. Thank our lucky stars, we founders just might be able to beat the law of the jungle! For all practical purposes we might be able to coexist as equals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Let us prayerlessly hope that another evolutionary leap, something akin to the Cambrian Explosion, doesn’t happen. That way we can maintain this republic which we less hairy cousins of the chimps and gorillas have cobbled together. Isn’t this result of natural forces acting without purpose over billions and billions of years since nothing suddenly and inexplicably exploded into something an amazing thing?”

Ethnic supremacy, racism, and all that is raised up against the universal privilege and obligation which our righteous and loving Creator has given us, namely to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, should be vigorously opposed. Why?

Because as that phrase from the historical American Declaration of Independence reminds us, our equality as image bearers of our Creator is timeless, divinely revealed TRUTH. If you do not share that Biblical creationist conviction, yet agree that those evils should be vigorously opposed, why? What is the basis of your antipathy toward racism or any evil? In fact how do you determine what is evil, and by what right do you impose what you have determined on others?

Finally, the existence of traits generally found in one ethnic group and not generally found in another does not contradict the truth of our equal dignity and value as beings made in the image of God. Each of us subtly nuances our common Creator’s glory. Each of us contributes to a beautiful tapestry of divinely purposeful diversity.

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