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Let’s Get in Herbert George’s Contraption

Traveling back in time to A.D. 1818, we land our H.G. Wellsian craft somewhere in Old Dixie. Listen…

SLAVE HOLDER: Listen, Mr. Abolitionist! Who are you to tell me what to do with my own plantation! Slavery is legal and it is my CHOICE to have slaves! Besides, if all the slaves suddenly were set free, you would be dooming us cotton planters to financial ruin, thus creating social and economic chaos.

NON-SLAVE HOLDER: Mr. Abolitionist, although I personally would never own a slave, I must agree with our slave holding neighbor here in his stately pillared mansion overlooking a row of crude little shacks. It is his choice, who am I to judge? And his observation about the consequences of emancipation makes sense.

ABOLITIONIST: The slaves are not anyone’s “CHOICE,” they are humans beings whom you are treating like CHATTEL. Like us, they have the God given right to liberty. Yes, a socioeconomic challenge might ensue when we do overcome some day; if so it is worth it. Until then, our underground railroad will continue to save at least some of these oppressed people who have no voice in our society, and get them to freedom.

Wow, let’s get out of this backward place! Back to the future. Listen…

ABORTIONIST: Listen, Mr. Abolitionist! Who are you to tell a woman what to do with her own body! Before our society was enlightened to see its glory, abortion was considered a despicable and abhorrent crime. Thankfully, the opinion rendered by seven lawyers in black robes back in ’73* changed that. Now a woman or teenage girl can make a CHOICE to terminate her pregnancy for any reason – even without any parental consent in the latter case!

Besides, if abortion suddenly was made illegal again, many women and girls would be doomed to public shame and financial ruin. No, we cannot deny a woman the right to get rid of that senseless lump of flesh with brainwaves and a heart beat and which is capable of feeling pain.

PRO-CHOICER: Mr. Abolitionist, although I personally would not have an abortion, I must agree with our neighbor here who works in the baby organs for sale division at our local abortuary. It is a woman’s choice, who am I to judge? And her observation about the consequences of overturning Roe v. Wade makes sense.

ABOLITIONIST: Unborn babies are not anyone’s “CHOICE,” they are CHILDREN. Like us adults, they have the basic God given right to life. And just as you are callously and cruelly willing to murder the unborn, you callously and cruelly ignore the rights of the fathers of those babies and in many cases the glad expectations of their would-be grandparents and other relatives. Yes, socioeconomic challenges might arise when we do overcome some day, but it is worth it. Until then, our crisis pregnancy centers will continue to rescue at least some of these doomed children who have no voice in our society, and place them in loving homes.

* “I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court’s judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant women and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes…” — excerpted from opinion of Byron White, senior dissenting Supreme Court justice



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Conspiracy Theories?

To trust the veracity of the Bible is to acknowledge the existence of a being possessed of a fierce, unreasonable, and entrenched malevolence toward God and all God’s works. The wretched work of this created, non-human but personal entity could be characterized as a conspiracy that has lasted for thousands of years.

Legions of spirit creatures known as demons, his minions, share in his dark project. And because all humanity is by nature rebelliously sinful and at enmity with our common Creator (fallen), many men and women have been his willing accomplices.

Millions of other human beings have had and now have a less direct but equally culpable share in the plot. While busy with their own evil deeds, they have been unwitting pawns of this implacable enemy of all that is Godly, right, and good.

Following are several inferences drawn from these Scriptural truths.

1. None of us are “innocent bystanders.” If one is not with Christ the only and rightful King that one is against Him.

2. Some who scoff at the existence of the evil one (who likely have stopped reading already) are ipso facto among those millions of hapless pawns.

3. Those who by vain philosophy or misuse of that wonderful tool called science seek to persuade people that the deceiver does not exist are accessory cloaks to his nefarious activities. The conspiring, evil genius character in the movie The Usual Suspects paraphrased Charles Baudelaire’s observation to the effect that the “…loveliest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!”

4. Those with faith in the omniscience, omnipotence, and goodness of this chief conspirator’s Enemy can rejoice in the assurance that ultimately he will fail. He will crash and burn, quite literally.

5. Human history is replete with both absurd conspiracy theories and actual conspiracies. Both have been and can be exposed. Both contribute to the overall strategy of the cunning mastermind to create misery, confusion, and chaos for human beings – who are made in the image of God and are hence the objects of his malice.

Both those holding to Biblical truth about unseen reality and those denying it or offering an alternate often have something in common. That is, they use careful, methodical investigation to distinguish real conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Hence (let’s keep that fine old logical operator of a word alive, people!),

6. The latter group already is at a woeful disadvantage in that pursuit. They usually err by regarding human nature as basically good as opposed to corrupt and fallen. They mock the existence of the hideous adversary. Therefore they are less willing to admit that sub-conspiracies exist. When they do discover actual conspiracies bent on wanton murder, mayhem, and destruction, they are dumbfounded by what they consider anomalous inhumanity, or scratch their heads in bewilderment asking Why? Why does a man make careful plans to hole up in a hotel room in order to shoot and kill dozens of people attending a concert?

7. Those holding fast to the Bible’s clear teaching have several advantages. Their eschatological confidence already has been mentioned. They have the accurate historical reference point for the origin of all conspiracies; they recognize the one Christ called the father of lies. They are not ignorant of his devices and they understand his objectives. In short, they know their enemy.

Yes, paranoia and other factors beget ridiculous conspiracy theories. Yes, there are persecution complexes and people persuaded that wearing tin foil hats can protect them from sinister mind readers. There is also satan, deliberately not capitalized. He has an agenda, servants he enslaves, and human tools he delights to break after he uses them.

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Thoughts on Bigotry

The despicable evil called racism exists, but in our time race baiters and racism accusers are fomenting more of it, resulting in bitter division among Americans.

Regrettably we are stuck with the TERM “racism” as commonly used, but the term itself is divisive. Yes there are ethnic groups, but there is only one human race, and each member thereof is possessed of the same dignity and intrinsic value.

The significance of Mankind’s origin cannot be overstated. One cannot hold to Darwinism (evolution) and consistently “…hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are CREATED equal that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights…” If evolution has been changing the species homo sapiens very slowly for ages, what is the reasonable basis for opposing ethnic supremacists who root their ideology in evolutionary ideas?

In other words, evolutionists cannot cogently deny that one sub-species of homo sapiens (i.e. an ethnic group) might prove fitter to survive in the future than other sub-species. Maybe X supremacy will prevail. Natural selection marches on mercilessly, bringing on the extinction of the less fit, right?

That profoundly Biblical statement from the American Declaration of Independence about human equality and our God given rights reflects a radically different world view. It is the world view which is the matrix of both the U.S. Constitution and the abolition of American slavery about four score and seven years after its ratification. The consistency seeking, naturalistic evolutionist might be able to squeak out some alternate a-Theistic or agnostic drivel such as:

“We don’t declare much about this quaint idea of truth. But we hold that the differences endowed by random mutation on the various subspecies of homo sapiens are negligible thus far. Thank our lucky stars, we founders just might be able to beat the law of the jungle! For all practical purposes we might be able to coexist as equals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Let us prayerlessly hope that another evolutionary leap, something akin to the Cambrian Explosion, doesn’t happen. That way we can maintain this republic which we less hairy cousins of the chimps and gorillas have cobbled together. Isn’t this result of natural forces acting without purpose over billions and billions of years since nothing suddenly and inexplicably exploded into something an amazing thing?”

Ethnic supremacy, racism, and all that is raised up against the universal privilege and obligation which our righteous and loving Creator has given us, namely to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, should be vigorously opposed. Why?

Because as that phrase from the historical American Declaration of Independence reminds us, our equality as image bearers of our Creator is timeless, divinely revealed TRUTH. If you do not share that Biblical creationist conviction, yet agree that those evils should be vigorously opposed, why? What is the basis of your antipathy toward racism or any evil? In fact how do you determine what is evil, and by what right do you impose what you have determined on others?

Finally, the existence of traits generally found in one ethnic group and not generally found in another does not contradict the truth of our equal dignity and value as beings made in the image of God. Each of us subtly nuances our common Creator’s glory. Each of us contributes to a beautiful tapestry of divinely purposeful diversity.

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Blow to the Calcaneus

The Achilles heel of the wicked is their PRIDE. This their arrogance will ever result in the ultimate, spectacular frustration of their schemes, though they might prevail for a season. This is primarily because in the stench of their conceit they dare to scoff at and marginalize almighty God, as if He were not perpetually and intimately involved in all human affairs.

That heavenly involvement in our earthly arena accords with infinite understanding and is directed by an eternal purpose. It soars far above the finite understanding of the godly and the godless alike. As high as the Heavens are above the Earth, so are God’s ways and thoughts higher than our ways and thoughts.

On the part of the godly (who know Ephesians 6:11 and following) there is confident trust in a loving heavenly Father when circumstances appear grim and the wicked have the upper hand. On the part of the wicked, there is the foolish assumption that they will never be brought down, let alone be called to account by their righteous and holy Judge, as they revel in their unrighteous deceit and work to realize their unholy agendas.

“He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision.” (Psalm 2:4) They will fall into the pits they dug and be caught in their own snares. Their bullets will ricochet into their own hearts and their bombs explode in their own faces.

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Limited Audience?

Anthropogenic climate change. Following is an endeavor to address that hot topic with cool reasoning.

First, and only for the sake of argument, let us grant that it is real. Only for the sake of argument, let us assume it is all true. Our production of energy and other human activities are dramatically changing the climate of the earth. In fact if unchecked those activities will destroy the earth! Therefore, humanity must act NOW to “save the planet.” We must all go green or face global gangrene, so to speak.

There are two groups of people yours truly invites to think through the implications of this generous assumption. Others are welcome as observers.

The first group consists of Biblical creationists, usually the object of the ridicule of the second group. We believe that the earth itself is only thousands, not billions of years old. We believe that the Creator formed all life including human life within days of the initial creation of the cosmos as a whole. And while affirming that the Creator equipped His amazingly diverse and wondrous biological marvels with a capacity for limited adaptation, we absolutely deny the never observed claims of Darwinistic evolution.

We also believe that immediately after the global flood so well evidenced by the fossil record, reflected in the ancient folklore of nations all over the world, and accurately documented in the same Bible from which we derive our cosmogony, God gave all mankind a very specific promise about the earth and its climate. This promise can be found at Genesis 8:21,22.

The second group consists of those who are philosophically naturalists. According to them, the galaxies with their innumerable stars, all the planets and other celestial bodies are merely the detritus of some big bang. And as Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young sang about us people, “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon.” Life arose when natural forces and inanimate matter interacted on one tiny piece of that cosmic detritus, the earth. All life observed today has evolved by chance after, in some proposed primordial pond, lightning sparked a hypothetical reaction which neither Victor Frankenstein nor any real scientist can duplicate in the laboratory. Molecules to man summarizes billions of years of prehistory…goo to you by way of the zoo. *

So most of these folk obviously and vigorously deny divine creation and the existence of supernatural or spiritual realities. Others among them grudgingly admit that a supernatural realm might exist, but just as vigorously insist that any claim to knowledge of it has no place in the labors of what they consider to be enlightened science. As renowned geneticist and evolutionary biologist Professor R. Lewontin puts it, “…we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.” **

Let’s bring this back to anthropogenic climate change and the assumption we granted for the sake of argument, namely that it is real. How do our two groups respond to it?

Without apology the Biblical creationist affirms that the absolutely sovereign, promise keeping Lord God will never permit the utter annihilation of the earth (Aside: that would include by nuclear warfare). This does NOT mean we are indifferent to reckless waste disposal, accidental oil spills, or the squandering of resources. It means that we regard the latter as just that: resources which Providence has given for human use! We subsume the concerns of what once was called conservationism under greater concerns: the glory of our God and the welfare of our neighbors.

For example, we regard Draconian restrictions on industrial development, established in hopes of achieving a theoretical and negligible change in the average global temperature, as very bad. We calculate the negative economic impact they have on millions of our fellow men and women and say NO. Biblicly regarding the human race as the divinely appointed steward of the Earth, we want to see fossil fuel reserves (think offshore drilling, coal deposits, etc.) responsibly developed for human benefit, not neglected on account of climate change hysteria.

Now to our second group. First, let us ask them why must the planet be saved? When denying the Creator, recognition of the transcendent ethical realities of good and evil cannot be maintained consistently. (Emphasis on consistently; this writer realizes that weak efforts to attain such consistency have been made.) So why is it “good” to save the planet? What is good and what is evil? Questions easily brushed off for the moment as beyond the scope of this discussion but unavoidable in the long run…

If the earth is to be destroyed and humanity with it, so what? If eternal extinction is the ultimate destiny of the human race and all life, your efforts to restrain anthropogenic climate change are ultimately pointless. Save the planet for what? If the inevitable heat death of the universe is the grand finale, are you not merely rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic of history?

Your crusade is nothing more than a pragmatism that accords with your subjective aspirations. By what imperative do you insist that other people – i.e. other bags of biochemical activity descended from the first bit of protoplasm which was jump started in that primordial pond – get on board with your agenda?

You commonly attribute amazing powers to this mysterious process you call evolution. Contrary to all that can be soberly observed about the deleterious effects of mutation, you affirm that on account of it life forms are ever becoming more complex. OK, so what if humanity’s evolution into a life form able to make machines that emit tons of hydrocarbons and dreadful weapons of mass destruction eventuates in the extinction of life forms less fit to survive in that environment? Isn’t that the very nature of evolution by natural selection? So what if whales and pachyderms and polar bears go extinct? Hey, they just didn’t make natural selection’s cut! Tough keratin outgrowth from the tips of mammalian digits!

This writer will go on recycling aluminum and plastic, using energy frugally, and hoping future generations will be able to see living elephants. And he will pray to the God of the Bible against the metastasizing of hysteria and pseudo science, and for the advance of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of peace.

* title of book by Harold Hill

* *

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Deeper State?

According to the historically accurate usage of the term, Iran is not a theocracy. It could be called an “allah-cracy,” and one which appears to be dissolving at present. It is an allah-cracy and not a theocracy because as an Islamic republic it does not honor the God of the Bible. Let me explain…

Iran and other Muslim nations were not founded to revere the THEOS from Whose name (in the Greek new testament, written early in the first Christian century) the term THEO-cracy is derived. Instead, the so-called republic of Iran, ideologically antagonistic to Christianity and other religions, honors its god Allah presented in the Koran of Muhammad who died in June of the seventh Christian century.

The former Soviet Union, which existed for about seven decades of the twentieth Christian century, might be described as an “a-theocracy.” It was a state founded upon a-theistic, Marxist ideology – also consciously opposed to Christianity. That bump in the road of humanity’s annals (like other a-theistic, communist states which have come and gone to no one’s sorrow) was built not on the Rock of ages, but on utopian sand.

ANCIENT Israel – think Moses, the prophets, and David – was indeed a theocracy. It was established on earth by them and other servants of the God of the old testament, Who is the same new testament THEOS referenced above. Even that state failed! Yet throughout its existence the earnest expectation of its faithful citizens was for the coming of the unfailing, eternal kingdom of God.

One of those faithful citizens, the prophet Malachi, predicted the time when the very King of that heavenly kingdom would come into His earthly temple. When He did so c. A.D. 26 He was heralded by John the Baptizer. Both the herald and the King Himself preached the same thrilling message: “the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

And so as the prophet Daniel had predicted c. 600 B.C., that kingdom came with power in the days of the Roman empire. After accomplishing the earthly part of His Messianic mission through His unlawful execution by the soldiers of Tiberius Caesar and His bodily resurrection from the dead to which hundreds of eye-witnesses testified, the King ascended victoriously into heaven.

From that place of supreme exaltation, and though He is presently unseen, He rules over all. The glorious reality which Daniel and all the old testament writers foresaw and foreshadowed is writ large and with crisp clarity in the new testament of the God of Abraham…of Job…of Noah…of Enoch, Seth, Abel, and of Adam and Eve the first parents of all mankind, who all are now invited by the King to His everlasting banquet.

And what did King Jesus command His subjects, whom He loved unto death? He told them to pray to His Father and their Father thus: “Your Kingdom Come!” Now alive forevermore, having all power in heaven and earth, He their good Shepherd King continues to love His subjects, cherishing them as His younger brothers and sisters. He has commanded us to make disciples of all nations by the power of His Gospel, proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father and the Son.

And so like the mustard seed of His parable which grew into a great tree, that divine kingdom came, is coming, and will have no end. It continues to fill the earth by the peaceful yet inexorably prevailing power of the Prince of peace, displacing rivals without blood reddened swords or any modern equivalents. Like that plant in the parable, birds now nest in its branches. That is to say, temporal earthly kingdoms derive protection and benefit from its abiding presence and strength.

When nations reject the King of king and Lord of lords they are held in derision by Him. He sits in the heavens and laughs at them! They find only frustration, confusion, and failure. When they humbly “kiss the Son” (Psalm 2) they find blessing, prosperity, and peace.

Yes Lord! Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

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