Those Inward Nooks and Crannies

How often do we Christians miss out regarding communion with God…how many are those little ways in which even His children, caving to the sinful nature, try to hide from Him like Adam and Eve in Eden?

“Pray without ceasing,” wrote the inspired apostle to the Thessalonians. Do I take every possible occasion to express an holy aspiration, or make intercession for someone in need, or praise the holy One directly? Or do I merely talk about God here and there when I have a spare moment?

Do I perpetually speak to my heavenly Father through the mediation of Jesus His only begotten Son as one who is a spiritually regenerate partaker of the blessed Holy Spirit? Are my “God pronouns” mostly third person ones (He, Him, His) or second person ones (You, Your)?

In yet other words when gazing at an overwhelmingly gorgeous sky (day or night, clear or cloudy) do I say inwardly, “Yes, it’s true, the heavens declare the glory of God,” as if the great Artist my Redeemer were not right there? Or, as recognizing the faithful, upholding presence of Him Who is in need of nothing yet Who graciously seeks insignificant me do I say to Him, “Yes my precious Lord, the heavens indeed declare Your glory!”

Mere semantics? Perhaps. But…”O Lord, we know that You have said, ‘give me your heart.’ Wonderfully, it is both for Your glory and for our own highest delight that You have commanded us to love You with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind.”


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