Dreamers and Other Babes

Consistency check! Consistency check!

Those who desire the continuation of D.A.C.A. (former president Obama’s executive order – it is not a law) appeal to the innocence of the persons involved. Yours truly agrees that people brought to America as infants or minors are innocent. It is their parents or guardians who bear whatever responsibility for lawbreaking might be involved in any particular case.

Yet many who chant the “nobody is illegal” mantra also claim that an unborn child (i.e. someone far less capable of any kind of wrongdoing than an older minor) deserves no recognition of innocence. Even though that child’s father might be the rapist or incestuous profligate, it is the child who must be punished. And that child must suffer capital punishment, not merely deportation!

Or what if an unborn child’s mother simply wants to dispose of him or her? According to some that woman is making a perfectly acceptable ethical “choice,” while her innocent son or daughter suffers death – far worse than geographical relocation in anyone’s book.

So in the first case, innocent children deserve the full protection of the state. Society should be morally outraged by even the spectre of their deportation. In the second case, innocent children are denied their inalienable rights to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Tens of millions of them have suffered violent execution because of the wicked Roe v. Wade opinion rendered in A.D. 1973 by a few black-robed facilitators of the lethal persecution of America’s most helpless and forgotten minority, the unborn.

Challenges to this argument welcome. Show us the consistency of being both pro DACA and pro abortion, if you can.

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