True Colors

What do a lump of coal, a milk chocolate bar, a male cardinal bird, a ripe lemon, and field of newly fallen snow have in common? None of them is the same color as the skin of any human being on Earth! There is only one human race, and labeling hundreds of ethnic groups by how closely their average skin tone approximates a handful of chromatic adjectives like Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White is not helpful.

It is more accurate and respectful to recognize national heritages such as Yoruba, Tamil, Cherokee, Chinese and Norwegian. We Americans live in a country based not on our diverse national origins but on an idea. And most Americans have family trees which include two or more of those hundreds of ethnic groups which historically hail from all the continents of the Earth.

The way forward out of infighting for us Americans is not chaotic “multi-culturalism,” but UNI-culturalism. One America assimilating the diverse treasures of our ethnic heritages, but solidly united under that great idea, and governed by only one law: that of our noble constitution. The idea known as America is expressed in our pledge of allegiance: “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” That idea has produced the historic greatness and uniqueness of our country. Our record is far from unblemished, but nothing in all of human history has excelled it.

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