Sorry, Charlie (D.)

It might be when God providentially opens an opportunity for one of His people to bear witness for Jesus. It might be an occasion on which He gives another a flash of insight to start a fruitful conversation about our Lord and His Gospel. It might be in a online or offline discussion of some kind regarding things that really matter: God, the human condition, the way of salvation, final judgment, eternity…

In many if not most of such encounters, there is a topic that arises: EVOLUTION. Darwinism is by far the most common stumbling block of our age. It is offered almost universally as an objection to the truth claims of the Bible by those who are skeptical of those truth claims. It is ubiquitous in its influence over the thinking of the contemporary mind. It has never been observed, like adaptation has been observed, yet it is commonly assumed to be unassailable truth, backed by irrefutable science.

In reality it is anything but science. It is a great LIE, and the Christian evangelist must reckon with this damnable enemy to the progress of the Gospel.

One way we do this is by ever keeping in mind that “…the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12). That is true regarding the whole counsel of God, and therefore includes the foundational truths of creation as they are found in Genesis and elsewhere in holy writ.

If we grant legitimacy to a theory that makes our Creator unnecessary or at best marginalizes Him, we have cast behind our backs the One Who is also the Redeemer. Allow for the idea that death and suffering are simply part of the natural order, and the sting of death – sin – is deceptively hidden from sinners in need of that Redeemer. For the truth is that “…through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.” (Romans 5:12).

The true history of the origin of life and of the human race is far shorter than  evolution’s revisionist version with its millions of years of violent struggle for survival. A Biblically faithful summation of that true history is as follows. After God created the universe very good in every way, the sin of mankind brought a dreadful curse upon it (cf. Romans 8:20-22). Through Christ the Savior, the curse is being removed. The Gospel is the way of entrance into Christ’s kingdom and its ongoing work. The consummation of His kingdom work will include a perfectly restored, deathless, and eternal heavens and earth.

There was no “big bang” at the universe’s beginning, no evolution anywhere within it thereafter, and inevitable heat death and oblivion is not its bleak future.

When someone has gullibly swallowed evolutionism this Bible truth, breathtakingly contradictory to what he has been taught from earliest youth, appears as foolishness to that one. It becomes a stumbling block to those who otherwise might be coming to Christ for the gift of forgiveness of sin and everlasting life.

The salvific piercing and discerning mentioned in the verse from Hebrews cited above might begin when an ordinary Bible believing disciple becomes the very first person to ever question or challenge evolutionary thought in someone’s mind. How often has this writer observed the incredulity not only in the words but by the shocked facial expressions of someone steeped in this reigning mythology!

In Acts 17:16ff we have good precedent for “creation evangelism” in the example of the apostle Paul. In that passage we find him proclaiming the good news to philosophers and others gathered in the ancient city of Athens on Mars’ hill.

Mars, a.k.a. Ares, was among false gods having a place in the fantastical myths of cosmogony (the origin of the universe) and cosmology (the large scale properties of the universe) which darkened the hearts of men in that time and place. On Mars’ hill was a monument to an “unknown god.” Apparently the idols Mars, Jupiter, Athena, Artemis and the rest were inadequate to address the lost condition of their worshipers, who inwardly realized that was the case.

Paul started his address to them by affirming the one true God as Creator and Sustainer of all things. He was mocked. When we imitate the apostle, insisting that the creation of the universe and all it contains was by the word of God, that it took place in six days of ordinary length about six thousand years ago, and that the first human being Adam was formed of the dust of the Earth and brought to life by the breath of the Almighty, we will often be mocked as well. When we challenge this great lie, the philosophical idol of today, those who honor it as worthy will scoff. So be it.

Like many heroes of the faith over the ages, we must stand strong for truth come what may. The Gospel itself stands on the bedrock of the Biblical account of divine creation and the subsequent history of Mankind and his world which the Bible provides. Here we must stand, our consciences are bound by the infallible word of God, we can do no other.


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