Jack and Mac are Back!

Jack, doing a double take – Hey, didn’t we meet and have a brief discussion last Christmas Eve?

Mac – Yes, I remember. I’m Mac, by the way.

Jack – I thought about what you said, Mac. It made a lot of sense. Oh yeah,  Jack is my name.

Mac – Nice to see you again, Jack. And I’m glad we got beyond the superficial, as you put it, during our previous encounter. How are you?

Jack – Not bad. But I just overheard something…something…

Mac, winking – rude?

Jack, chuckling – Well, yes, but worse; something ugly and hateful.

Mac – Sorry to hear. Care to talk about it?

Jack – Why not get it off my chest. I overheard two people of an ethnic group I won’t name trashing another ethnic group. They were using slurs, stereotyping, hurling epithets, mocking…in short utterly despising the other ethnic group. Disgusting! They were clearly RACISTS.

Mac – So what? What’s wrong with that?

Jack – Oh no, here we go again with one of your “conversation piece” comments, ha ha!

Mac, with a sly grin – You read me like a book.

Jack – OK, I’ll bite. Are you actually saying that racism is OK?

Mac – Let me give you the response I suspect you are hoping for…a resounding NO! Not only that, but since I believe there is only one human race, the word racism itself is not helpful as we all seek to conquer ethnic strife.

Nationalism or ethnic supremacy are perhaps better labels for the bigotry you just saw manifested. But just like “Gee wiz” and other terms the origins of which are long forgotten, we’re probably stuck with the words racism and racist as they are commonly used.

Jack – So…if you’re NOT saying that ethnic supremacy-ism or racism or whatever you want to call it is OK, what’s your point?

Mac – Do you believe in evolution? You know, Charles Darwin’s theory about origins? By the way, the full title of his magnum opus is On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

Jack – Interesting. I thought it was merely The Origin of Species. But to answer your question, OF COURSE I believe in evolution! Puh-leeze don’t tell me you do not! I mean, science has proven it…everybody believes it…yes I believe in evolution. And by the way, I do not believe that flies spontaneously generate, that alchemists can turn lead into gold, or that the earth is flat! Geez!

Mac – Hmm…yet another corruption of the name Jesus used as an expletive.

Jack – What are you talking about?

Mac – Geez. It’s short for Jesus. Why do people use His name as a so-called curse word, but rarely use the names of figures from the various religions of the world? I’ve never yet heard somebody say, “Buddha almighty, that driver is a jerk!” or “Dalai H. Lama, what the ___ is going on here!?”

Jack – I’ve heard people say “holy Moses.” And did you ever catch the use of “bismallah” in Queen’s iconic song Bohemian Rhapsody? Bismallah means, “In the name of Allah!”

Mac – I’ve heard that. OK, but Jesus’ name gets trashed way, way more – at least in our society. But we’re getting off track. So you’re convinced that evolution is proven, unquestionable, bed rock truth?

Jack – Yes, yes, and yes…and I find it incredible that you don’t share that conviction!

Mac, smiling – I didn’t say I don’t. But let me say it emphatically now. I don’t, don’t, don’t!

Jack – Gee…er, Chri…er, I’ll be da…

Mac – Damned refers to the eternal condemnation of the lost which is clearly taught in the Bible.

Jack – Whatever. Fiddlesticks, I can’t believe you deny evolution!

Mac – Well, someday I’ll fiddle on and try to patiently explain why I deny it, give you some resources from top notch scientists who also deny it, and show you the appalling lack of real  evidence for it. If you actually listen with an open mind, I will deem you a man among men.

But let me tell you in nutshell why, as a believer in divine creation as it is plainly taught in the Bible, I regard all ethnic bigotry as sinful – in other words bad. All of us men and women are made equally in the image of God as to our spiritual being. Intangible aspects of our constitution such as our rationality, our wills, and our ethical nature show that we are limited, created representations of our eternal, unlimited Creator.

Just as flowers have different forms and various kinds of beauty, humans differ in qualities and traits such as hair type, skin color, and the shapes of facial features. But we all have a part in that one surpassingly majestic dignity. It is shared by every soul from every nation, tribe, people and language. If you despise another human being simply because of his or her ethnicity and its traits, you are despising the image of God.

Jack – Well, I don’t know about all that theological mumbo jumbo, but I agree that all human beings are equal.

Mac – Well, that’s not exactly what I said. I said we are all equal as to our being made in God’s image. Since you are, I estimate, about six feet tall whereas I’m five feet nine inches, we are not equal in height. There are many other differences, visible and invisible, between us as individuals.

It is the same with families and nations. We can observe that they share certain traits, generally speaking. However, none of this divinely artistic diversity effects the IMAGO DEI, that divine image. In that sense, yes indeed, we are equal.

But as an evolutionist, you can’t say that all people are equal in a universal sense; that is, in a way which is built into human nature and in which every man, woman, and child in or out of the womb participates. You are being inconsistent with your beliefs when you say that every person deserves to be regarded as equal with every other person.

Jack – Uh oh…I think I see where you’re going with this…

Mac – Good. Here’s where I’m going. If human evolution has been going on fluidly for millions of years, and continues today, what argument do you have against the person who says, “my nation is superior. We are more highly evolved than other nations because ________ .” Fill in the blank with whatever you want.

Do an Internet search: images of alleged missing links between modern humanity and our so called hominid ancestors. They are cobbled together using artistic conceptualization and wild speculation based on a few bones. I’ll wager you’ll see graphic examples of bigotry being supported by evolutionary ideas!

Since evolution supposedly occurs by the interaction of an uncontrolled environment and natural selection, how can you categorically deny that what was said by the bigots you just overheard is true?

Jack – Don’t be ridiculous! All humans are the same species, just like Chihuahuas and Great Danes are both caninus familiarus! A member of any ethnic group is capable of natural procreation with a person of the opposite sex from another ethnic group. Besides, those people were just embittered haters.

Mac – I’ll include some thought about the meaning of “species” when we talk again. And have you ever heard of ligers and tigons?

But for now, why would appearing ridiculous stop the narrow mind and hostile heart of an ethnic bigot? All an embittered hater needs is a little imaginary justification. As an evolutionist, he can seize upon some particular trait possessed by his ethnic group for that justification. He vainly conceives that the trait is the next step in evolution.

I don’t know you that well yet, Jack, but I don’t believe that you are a bigot. As the saying goes, there’s probably not “a racist bone in your body.” I share your stance against any form of ethnic supremacy, but for the vastly different reason which I’ve tried to share with you today. Can you see now that intellectual and emotional commitment to Darwinism is inconsistent with an ethical stance against racism?

Jack – Once again, my new friend, you make sense; you’ve given me food for thought.

Mac, smiling – In that case, let me be so bold as to leave you with a few mental snacks about the legacy of Darwinism.

1. For several generations now, most of our country’s children have been taught that they are the descendants of animals. Why should we be surprised when they are unashamed to act like their supposed ancestors?

2. The bio-engineering horror known as eugenics is based on the idea that natural selection can be replaced by artificial selection and a race of supermen brought into being. Sound familiar? Sanger sung that song!

3. The human appendix was once considered to be a “vestigial” organ; an evolutionary leftover which no longer had any function and could be removed willy-nilly. It is now known to have an important function. To what extent has the dogma of evolution actually hindered the advance of medical science, with people being made sicker and more debilitated as a result?

I enjoy our discussions, Jack, and hope to see you again soon…

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