On Prayer

Prayer is not persuading God to act according to my will. Prayer is first affirming before my loving heavenly Father that I desire His will to be done, being assured that He is concerned already and deeply with all that concerns me.

Looking in faith to Him for my daily needs, ever mindful of the incalculable cost of my forgiveness in Christ (which enables me to be eager and prompt to forgive others), I go on to seek His help in my daily struggle against sin, and for deliverance from the devices of the evil one and those who serve his twisted purposes.

Finally I ask the Lord to give me an ever increasing, passionate desire for the advance of His kingdom and for the manifestation of His glory and saving power. I order all lesser petitions according to that, for it is God’s high, eternal purpose for all He has made and all that He does; there could be no greater purpose!

Insofar as I pray by the light of the written word of God, I can trust that I am praying under the guidance of the blessed Spirit of God Who inspired that infallible written word, and Whom the Father and the Son have sent to dwell in the children of God and help them in prayer.

All the while I rejoice to know that the Almighty One will respond to my feeble prayers in wondrous ways, doing above and beyond all I could ever ask or think or see in this earthly life.

Jesus saw a poor widow give away all that she had and commended her for it. Two millennia later, she remains an example of sacrificial giving. Christ’s account of her deed (Mark 12 and Luke 21) has abided as the text for thousands of teachers over all those centuries. That poor widow never asked for, or thought of, or saw any of this. What a return on her two mites!

What return will be given by the God who makes mighty oaks out of acorns when you offer your “two mites of prayer?”

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