Extension cord equality

According to a CNN article by Nick Glass and Matthew Ponsford (March 2014), a break through in applied science is on the horizon. The article is titled, Wireless Electricity? It’s Here.

But until household wires become obsolete we must muddle along with those easily tangled, often unsightly, conventional means to illumine our dwellings, power our appliances, and charge our mobile devices.

Sometimes electrical cords are too short to reach outlets. Some motels seem determined both to take a spartan approach to the number of outlets per room and to position them where only gymnasts can access them. And who hasn’t been exasperated at some point with a socket obstructed by hardened paint?

So until we have the power conveying counterpart of Wi-Fi, extension cords also will abide, and in some cases there will be a need to string two or more of them together: be careful!

Now let’s use those link-able cords to illustrate the absurdity of what is called marriage equality, namely the idea that just as one man and one woman can be married, so two men or two women can have that same relationship, as lauded by the outgoing American president in his January 10, A.D. 2017 farewell speech.

Based on what is obvious in the physiology of man and beast, the two different ends of a common electrical extension cord are called male and female. Suppose that someone profoundly ignorant of the principles of conductivity somehow soldered, glued, or duct taped together the prongs of the male ends of two cords, thus creating something greater in overall length.

The monstrosity would indeed be longer, but incapable of being plugged into an electric socket. You might coin another term (useless union?) for that serpentine assemblage of metal and plastic, but why call it an electrical cord since it cannot connect a power source and a power consuming device?

Will any reader respond to this illustrative argument from the absurd by rising up to declare, “You are a hateful, voltophobic bigot!”

Amplify that accusation with all the shocking vitriol you can generate, O tolerant one. This writer replies that he only recognizes the worthlessness of the absurdity we have copper…er, cobbled together in our minds’ eyes. Should there be such a confused cobbler in real life, he would not be the object of anyone’s hatred. He would be someone greatly in need of some basic instruction about the birds and the bees…about how and watt…

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