R.E.C. (Racism, Evolution, Creation)

Confidence that Darwinism corresponds to truth (a.k.a. FAITH in evolution) is inconsistent with hatred of racism. It is inconsistent with faulting ethnic supremacists of any color or stripe. Why?

Because the textbook “evolutionary tree” concept would have us believe that the so called races represent minor evolutionary twigs on the greater branch of hominids which includes humans and apes. Would it not be possible then, according to evolutionary thinking, that any one of the so called races is just slightly more advanced (toward what and directed by what?) than another race?

Is one of those twigs just a little bigger and fuller than the others? If you are an evolutionist, how do you avoid the temptation to consider your own ethnic group more evolved (toward what and directed by what?), and some other ethnic group as closer to the low-brow troglodytes dwelling in the cloistered caves of the “theory” to which you cling with profoundly religious tenacity, all the while claiming to despise religion?

The consciously confessed religion of the Biblical creationist proclaims that there is but one human race. We are confident that neither variation in skin tone nor other traits observable among the kindreds of that single human race make for one whit of detraction from every single human being’s equal standing before our Creator.

Each one of us is made in His image. Each one of us is a particularly nuanced, living representation of the personal Creator God. Each one of us is knit together in the womb – from conception onward – with divine artistry. Each one of us is inherently crowned with a dignity that raises us above all the beasts, over which He has given us dominion.

But that last truth claim about Earth’s fauna is a topic for another day’s discussion.

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