What About Dermatoglyphics?

GLEANINGS — June 8, A.D. 2014

That is the technical term for the study of fingerprints. As most folks know, each human being’s fingerprints are unique. Even those of identical twins differ. From that common observation, today’s gleaning will move on to discuss a popular notion from a Biblical perspective. That notion, enshrined in the United States Declaration of Independence, is that “all men are created equal.” Not as to their fingerprints! So…are all men equal in some way?

Many evolutionists espouse the noble idea of the equality of all men, but their belief system makes them inconsistent in doing so. Evolution asserts that “modern man” appeared about 200,000 years ago, after several million years of previous, slo-o-o-wly advancing change via natural selection. (The absence of a standard by which “advancing” is defined makes a monkey out of evolutionary dogma in its own right, but that’s a consideration for another day.)

Since evolution is allegedly a process that is ever underway in tiny increments, how can an evolution believer know for certain that ethnic group X is not actually more “evolved” than ethnic group Y? They can’t have their equality cake baked with Darwin’s doctrine and eat it, too! Evolutionism does not offer and cannot offer an ethical mandate that would require every man to regard every other man as his equal, in some way. Biblical creationism DOES!

The truth about human origins is that our Creator made us, male and female, in His image. We were made to be like God in our relationships with one another, in our vocations, in our recreations, and in all things – through them all rendering worshipful, thankful service to the One Who gave us this privileged place in His universe and this exalted role in His eternal purpose. And on the negative side, murderous attacks such as abortion and slander are horribly wicked because they are assaults on the likeness of the Creator. The cost to a society that loses its connection to this taproot of sound anthropology (the study of mankind) is incalculable…

This foundational truth about human nature is the great and only real equalizer, and that which makes each one of your fellow humans a being of incalculable value. Each person, in the womb or outside of the womb, is a living soul transcendantly superior to every animal, and your neighbor whom God commands you to love as you love yourself.

Although individual humans and their respective ethnic groups (generally speaking) are NOT equal in stature, skin color, hair texture, eye shape, dermatoglyphs, and other characterisics, we ALL bear that holy image of God. As long as our society despises that truth and clings to the absurd mythology that has held sway for a century and a half, wicked men will continue to appeal to evolution as their basis for their belief in the supremacy of one nation over others. Evolution provides a pseudo-wisdom in support of their arrogant foolishness.


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